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February Purely Books 2021


Product Description

You can now purchase our Purely Books parcels on a month-by-month basis!

This parcel will include our TWO featured reads for SISTERS OF THE COVEN February theme, accompanied by signed author bookplates and a personalised invitation to our online book group with both authors. Here's what we've told you about our February books so far:

BOOK ONE is based on the incredible true story of three sisters, whose seance-hosting parlour tricks unexpectedly turn from ruse to reality, when they begin to hear from spirits on the other side. With the draw of riches beyond their wildest dreams and paranormal occurrences that become harder and harder to ignore, can the sisters uncover the truth about their otherworldly powers?

BOOK TWO features a high-school misfit whose discovery that she has a talent for reading tarot cards earns her the esteem of her fortune-telling-thirsty classmates. But when her former best friend disappears and an unknown card appears in her tarot deck, this wannabe diviner realises just how dangerous it is to play with magic!

Our featured reads are both stunning, new release YA paperbacks, packed with supernatural sisters! If you love anything wonderfully witchy - think The Craft, The Discovery of Witches and Sabrina - you will adore these books.

Please note this is not a subscription and will not renew. If you'd like further Purely Books parcels from us you'll need to purchase these separately. Postage is not included and will be calculated at the checkout.