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The Silent Stars Go By by Sally Nicholls


Product Description

The Silent Stars Go By is set at Christmas 1919, when Margot's family are reunited for the first time since the Great War. Miraculously, the family are joined by Margot's fiance, who three years ago had gone missing in action from the Western Front. Now he's back and keen to rekindle their romance - but Margot is guarding a heart-wrenching secret that threatens to ruin her life and the reputation of her family. Can she ever reveal the truth to the only man she has ever loved?

The Silent Stars Go By is every bit as thought-provoking, emotional and fascinating as former featured Book Box Club read - Things a Bright Girl Can do!

Your book will arrive with a signed bookplate from Sally Nicholls.

This title was selected as our Further Reading pick for November 2020!