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Purely Books July 2020


Product Description

You can now purchase our Purely Books parcels on a month-by-month basis!

This parcel will include a gift-wrapped copy of the featured read for our July 2020 MAGICAL TALENTS theme, a personalised invitation to our online book group with the author and a signed bookplate. Here's what we've told you about our July book so far:

Our featured read is a stunning paperback set in a lavish 19th Century mansion! There, a young seamstress joins a team of magical servants, whose extraordinary talents are spent at the will of the historic family at the heart of the house. But magic is not endless resource and as the workers unpick long-buried secrets, this heavenly home begins to show a darker side...

With imagery as enchanting and captivating as The Night Circus and the opulence and romance of a Laura Wood novel, this riveting mystery is perfect for lovers of marvellously magical books!

Please note this is not a subscription and will not renew. If you'd like further Purely Books parcels from us you'll need to purchase these separately. Postage is not included and will be calculated at the checkout.